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Pack in all the thrills and excitement you can with THE FLASH Pass, Rides On Demand Presented by Xfinity. Six Flags' virtual ride reservation system holds your place in line electronically, so you can spend more time having fun and less time waiting for our most popular attractions. When it's almost time for your turn to ride, an alert is sent to your THE FLASH Pass device. It's that simple.

A Regular THE FLASH Pass allows you to enjoy your day at Six Flags by avoiding long lines at your favorite rides. With a Regular THE FLASH Pass, you wait as long as everyone else is waiting, but not in line—you can enjoy your free time elsewhere in the park.

With a Gold THE FLASH Pass, you enjoy a significant reduction in wait time allowing you to ride more rides with less wait.

Platinum THE FLASH Pass allows you to enjoy riding our rides with the least amount of waiting! Consecutive Riding allows you to WAIT ONCE and RIDE TWICE (except Dare Devil Dive).


THE FLASH Pass can be purchased online or at the admissions window at the main gate. You can also buy passes at THE FLASH Pass booth located right before the Georgia Cyclone.

Prices for THE FLASH Pass vary, depending on level of service and number of riders.  Regular THE FLASH Pass is priced from $35.00 for the first person.  Gold
THE FLASH Pass is priced from $65.00 for the first person and Platinum THE FLASH Pass is priced from $95.00 for the first person.  Up to 5 extra riders, can be added to your THE FLASH Pass for an additional charge.

2014 THE FLASH Passes will be available online soon.


A limited number of THE FLASH Pass is available for purchase each operating day. The passes will be available only while supplies last, and are valid only on the day of purchase. THE FLASH Pass may be used on the following rides, although rides can vary by day. Please see THE FLASH Pass booth for a list of specific rides available during your visit.

  • Acrophobia
  • Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster
  • Dare Devil Dive (Platinum Pass ONLY**)
  • Dahlonega Mine Train
  • Dodge City Bumper Cars
  • Georgia Cyclone
  • Goliath
  • GOTHAM CITY Crime Wave
  • Mind Bender
  • Monster Mansion
  • Ninja
  • Splashwater Falls
  • The Georgia Scorcher
  • The Great American Scream Machine
  • Thunder River
  • Wheelie

*THE FLASH Pass prices and rides are subject to change without notice.
**Dare Devil Dive is only available for Platinum Flash Pass users.


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