Easy Payments Terms and Conditions: 

Buy your Season Pass using the Easy Payments plan and we’ll charge your credit card as described on the table above (the “Easy Pass Payment Schedule”) and in your email confirmation.  The first payment will be charged today, along with all applicable taxes and the one-time online processing fee.  Subsequent payments will take place on the dates indicated in the Easy Pass Payment Schedule.

Note: You can begin using your Season Pass on the park’s opening day, even if all payments have not been made yet according to your payment schedule.

The Easy Payments plan can only be used for select Season Pass purchases. It may also be used for Season Parking if purchased in the same order as Season Passes. If you choose to add other items to the same online order, those items must be paid in full at the time of checkout.

All payments under the Easy Payments plan will be billed to the initial credit card (or approved payment method) according to the Easy Pass Payment Schedule set forth above, and also included in the confirmation email sent to the email address provided at the time of original purchase. Please be sure to add noreply@tickets.sixflags.com to your address book and check your spam folder. If you do not receive your confirmation email please contact Six Flags Ticketing Support at (407) 557-2880.

Purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable. Failure to complete scheduled payments as agreed upon will result in the deactivation of the Season Pass and the purchaser may not use the Season Pass until such time when payment is made.  Payments declined for any reason will be retried once after a
7-day grace period. A deactivated status notice will be sent to the purchaser via email with instructions to make payment by calling Six Flags Ticketing Support at (407) 557-2880.  To reactivate the account, the purchaser will be required to make payment by logging into the payment portal at sixflags.com/payments. Season Passes that are deactivated for non-payment may only be reactivated within 90 days of deactivation or the deactivation will become permanent.

You may visit sixflags.com/payments to change your payment type or even pay the full amount early. Changes in method of payment and early payment must be made at least three days prior to the regular payment date shown in the Easy Pass Payment Schedule to ensure that they are processed prior to the next scheduled payment.

The cost of a Season Pass purchased using the Easy Payments plan may not be the same as the cost of a Season Pass purchased without the Easy Payments plan. In many cases, depending on the Season Pass and the program, Season Passes purchased with the Easy Payments plan will cost more than Season Passes that are paid for in full at the time of purchase. Prices for use of the Easy Payments plan are displayed in the online ticket store and your final, complete price is shown in your shopping cart.

Park rules apply to all Season Passes purchased through the Easy Payments Plan. Season Passes are only valid for the 2012 Season. The Easy Payments Plan is a limited time offer, available online only.

Availability of Season Passes through the Easy Payments plan is subject to change at anytime and the Easy Payments plan may be discontinued at anytime without notice. If the Easy Payments plan is discontinued, it will not affect Season Pass Holders who have already purchased using the Easy Payments plan. Election to use the Easy Payments plan constitutes the purchaser’s agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


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